February 18, 2019 02:36 PM

Just Say No: Why snowbirds flock to Vero Beach

We’ve heard it since we were little and now we tell our kids to do the same: just say no. Say no to calling in sick and coming down with the chills. Say no to snow-covered roads and ice slick sidewalks. Say no to unfavorable driving conditions and getting caught in a snowstorm. Say no to getting snowed in and getting stuck. The one thing you can say yes to? Say yes to Palm Island.

Kiss all your snow-struck worries away and make the move to Palm Island Plantation where the temperature averages 88 degrees and the sun shines year-round. Toss aside the ice scraper and trade your snow boots for flips flops. In Vero Beach, FL, the warm weather never wanes and the activities are endless.
A home at Palm Island Plantation is more than just a simple house in the sunny South. Our properties are your VIP ticket to a life of luxury and leisure. Start the next chapter of your life by first choosing your style of home. Palm Island Plantation offers Estate, Carriage, and Courtyard-style homes, each complete with their own perks and amenities that will suit your new lifestyle. Westmark Construction, our primary builder on the plantation has ensured each and every one of our homes has been designed and groomed to meet and exceed your every expectation.

Outside the home, the list of available amenities lengthens. A resident of Palm Island Plantation is not only within walking distance of our private beaches along the Indian River Lagoon off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean; as a member of this exclusive community, you will have full access to our elegant oceanfront beach club, marine complex complete with deep water boat slips. Don’t forget, though, about our thriving fitness center and Palm Island Community Center which features a poolside bar, luxury spa, and more.

Escape the stressors of everyday life and choose to live one of luxury and leisure. Contact our main office to begin your adventure today: by phone at 772-234-6500 or by email at

January 23, 2019 04:27 PM

Entertain Your Way: Sharing your Palm Island Home

Owning a home at Palm Island Plantation is not only exciting but something to share. Many of our residents often graciously open their homes to friends and family to share with them the unique experience and community that is luxury living at Palm Island. That being said, we’ve put together a few tips to keep in mind when entertaining houseguests.

As many of our residents are not in Vero Beach with us full time, it’s important to be sure that your home is fully stocked with clean beach towels, fresh linens, and that your cleaning service has recently been through. Add a little extra hominess for your houseguests by having extra toiletries on hand, too. Think of when you travel. Isn’t it appreciated when things like shampoo and toothpaste are available to you? Think of doing the same for your guests.

Similarly along those lines, be sure to fuel up. Whether your kitchen is the most used room of your home or the least, have some plans as to what to do for meals. You don’t have to plan out all three meals for every day they’re there, but have a few ideas in mind (like breakfast out on your private lanai) to offer your guests. Keep in mind Palm Island has twelve private cabanas on the beach that would be perfect for a beachside picnic. Our poolside bar is also a great spot to relax and catch up with drinks in hand while soaking up the Florida sun as well. If you and your guests would like to venture into Vero Beach, our office would be happy to make a recommendation for you. Otherwise, you’re welcome to explore the award-winning, local cuisine at your leisure.

And finally, it’s most important to simply enjoy the life that is Palm Island Plantation. The atmosphere here is one that is unparalleled and one any houseguest would be happy to be a part of. Take them to our fitness club at the Palm Island Community Center, hit the beach along the Indian River Lagoon, or just hang out at home. Whatever you choose to do, sharing quality time with friends and family is what it’s all about. That’s truly a life of luxury at Palm Island Plantation.

December 21, 2018 01:59 PM

Beyond the Community of Palm Island

Becoming a homeowner on the Palm Island Plantation grants you not only entrance into one of the most coveted communities along the coast of southeastern Florida, it opens up an endless line of leisure activities that are available to you year-round.

Palm Island is nestled in the heart of Vero Beach, Florida, therefore, it is close to a myriad of activities and things to do that will ensure the vacation-style atmosphere never grows old. Whether a fan of the land, sea, or air, there’s something for you.

Staying close to home, Palm Island itself features twelve private cabanas, a heated pool and spa complete with poolside bar, and an elegant oceanfront beach club. Should you crave more adventure, the opportunity for boating, kayaking, surfing, waterskiing or knee-boarding, jetskiing, and other watersports are all just a phone call away.

Should you feel a calling something a little more adventurous, locals can enjoy breathtaking views from high in the air. Parasailing, seaplane flying, and even hot air ballooning are popular pastimes that allow for a new and unique view of our beloved Vero Beach from up in the air.

Additionally, there are plenty of cultural activities available (on the ground) as well. Peruse art galleries at the Vero Beach Museum of Art or the J.M. Stringer Gallery of Fine Art; see the latest in theater performances, guest lecturers, comedians, and concerts at the Riverside Theater; or if you’re looking for a night of seaside swank, see the company of Ballet Vero Beach, Vero’s first and the region’s only professional dance company, or central Florida’s professional Space Coast Symphony. You won’t be disappointed.

Whatever your taste, Vero Beach offers endless opportunities for leisure and adventure that are only a hop, skip, and a jump away from your new luxury home. When you consider the community of Palm Island itself and combine that with the local atmosphere, there’s not better choice than Palm Island Plantation.

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