May 22, 2019 04:29 PM

Our Roots

There are many things to love about Palm Island Plantation. Explore for yourself the luxurious homes, numerous amenities, and near-perfect weather. One of the local favorites, though, is the rich history of the land we live on.

Palm Island Plantation is nestled along the Indian River, famous for its abundance of citrus that thrives in the warm and humid climate. Therefore the banks of the river provided a convenient location to pack and ship citrus and other goods up and down the river to wherever desired. This cultivation of citrus dates back to Vero Beach’s settler, Henry Gifford back in 1887, when he built and operated a citrus grove business and “established the first mercantile store which also operated as a post office, express office and railroad ticket office.” Many believe this settlement, which is today know as Vero Beach, was then named simply Vero after Gifford’s wife, the “Beach” to be added later in 1925.

The building of Florida’s East Coast Railroad brought growth and prosperity to the region, causing spikes in population, business, and availability of goods. Larger out-of-town companies recognized the value of the land along the Indian River and purchased large swaths and other regions fell claim to the Drainage Districts of 1905, which drained the natural wetlands of the area, creating more habitability in the region.

The turn of the century brought further development in the form of canals, roads, and other forms of infrastructure and became an officially recognized town in 1919. “Vero, Where The Tropics Begin” quickly became a hotspot for travelers and merchants alike once highways, resorts, and golf courses were built. This growth continued through the 30s and 40s, adding in a county courthouse, a hospital, and an airport, which would become a key factor in the US’s involvement in the Second World War.

Vero Beach has survived countless tropical storms, flooding, jurisdiction disagreements, rapid development and so much more. Pieces of this rich history can be seen throughout the area from the orange you have for breakfast to the officially registered buildings and places marked by the National History Preservation Act. This is why our homes at Palm Island Plantation reflect the architecture of the British West Indies, to reflect and honor the history of the land that surrounds.

Come experience all this local land has to offer by booking a tour of our facilities. Call 772.234.6500 to begin.

May 02, 2019 10:19 AM

Life’s a Beach


Toes in the water, well, you know how the rest of the saying goes! Yes, it is that time of year again when the sun really warms up and we can indulge in summertime activities once again. Although, for those of you who have chosen Vero Beach, FL as your permanent home, this is something you know how to do 365 days a year. Whether you reside in Florida’s East Coast year-round, call yourself a snowbird, or make this a stop on your summer vacation list, the waves are calling your name with plenty to do!

Planning your fun in the sun does not have to be a chore. We like to consider ourselves experts of sorts when it comes to finding ways to indulge in the lifestyle that is coconut scents, ocean breezes and tan lines for days. As you look ahead to the final month of spring and coming of summer, we’ve gathered a few places to add to your itineraries.

1. Best parks. Have you ever seen a sea turtle retreat out to sea? You just might get the chance with a visit to Avalon State Park. This sandy beach stretches over one mile long and sea turtles are often spotted laying eggs at this destination.

2. Take in the sunset. At Round Island Park you can enjoy the day with your toes in the water and end the day watching a pretty spectacular view of the sun dipping beneath the horizon. A bonus to this location, manatees make a regular appearance along these shores.

3. Satisfy a sweet tooth. If you have a craving for a little sugar while taking in the salty sea air, make How Sweet It Is Chocolate a stop in your day. You’ll witness hand-dipped chocolate and fudge being made, plus fill up those cones with your choice of over 16 selections of homemade ice cream flavors.

4. Family Adventure. Set sail on River Explorer Boat Tours with the whole family. While riding the waves on one of their covered pontoons, you are likely to spot a friendly finned animal swimming beneath you in the Indian River Lagoon.

Remember, these are just a handful of the many places to explore in Palm Island and the surrounding Vero Beach area. After all, when your life’s a beach the only thing left to do is find your wave. If you’re ready to make sandy bottoms your biggest worry of the week, call us today at 772-234-6500 and enjoy life in Palm Island Plantation.

March 25, 2019 11:23 AM

Think Spring & Hittin' the Green

Named the “Best Little Town in Florida” by Rating Guide to Life in America’s Small Cities, Vero Beach is the perfect place to enjoy the sunshine and natural beauty of Southeast Florida. When you join the community of Palm Island, you gain access to one of the most exclusive, luxury communities in the region. Join like-minded people for a lifestyle of luxury.

In addition to the laundry list of amenities that can be found just steps away from your front door, the greater Vero Beach area provides local events, upscale dining options, and a variety of recreation activities. One of the most popular that our residents seem to enjoy is shooting the local golf courses. We’ve highlight a few of the closest courses for you here, and as always, our main office is happy to supply further recommendations.

• Bent Pine Golf Club: Built in 1975 and named after a distinctive tree golfers can find on the eighteenth hole, Bent Pin Golf Club is a host to six U.S. Open qualifiers, providing a challenging yet tranquil golfing experience. Becoming a member here unlocks a “culture of camaraderie” and distinctive social and dining opportunities, not unlike those at Palm Island.

• Sandridge Golf Club: Indian River County oversees this golf club that features two unique courses. Both the Dunes Course (1987) and the Lakes Course (1992) offer the total-package experience complete with breathtaking views and the local Florida landscape. As home to the Treasure Coast Golf Association, this club hosts the Treasure Coast Junior Golf Tour which features nearly 200 junior participants.

• Vero Beach Country Club: Conveniently located in the heart of Vero Beach, FL, this club offers a proud history and distinctive club experience. Established in 1924, its course has recently been updated to feature Paspalum grasses and a natural flow of play. The 22,000 square-foot clubhouse was also just renovated to provide guests with a number of social events and club activities.

• Riomar Country Club: This member-owned, private club was established in 1919 and exists solely for the enjoyment of its members. All aspects of the conventional country club lifestyle are included in addition to a goal to gather “socially in a congenial, harmonious and understated atmosphere.”

• Vista Plantation Golf Club: This club is located right between the Indian River Mall and Vero Beach Outlet Park, a prime location for on-the-go golfers. It is a semi-private club that is PGA and USGA affiliated. The mentality here is one that honors “the game of golf and a zest for living and laughing.”

This is just a sampling of the over 15 golfing options in this area. If you’re someone who loves to hit the fairway, Vero Beach and Palm Island Plantation is the place to be! Begin your adventure today by calling 772-234-6500.