January 06, 2020 10:21 AM

Before Heading South

Many of the residents at Palm Island Plantation settle into the community here for the winter months, soaking in every second of the year-round near-perfect weather that Vero Beach, Florida has to offer. But before you jet off to the Florida coast, be sure to wrap up things at home. Here are some tips for winterizing your summer home.

  1. Clear the Gutters – Whether you’re in a region that deals with heavy snowfall or not, it’s important to clear your gutters of all leaves and debris always, but especially before the temperature drops. Your gutters already take a hit just with the fluctuation in temperature. When you add in the presence of leaves, twigs, and anything else that may collect there, it’s just added pressure. Clear it out.
  2. Follow-up on the Furnace Filter – Whether you’ll be keeping the house at 60 degrees or a toasty 72, inspect your furnace filter and replace if necessary. Better yet, ensure that your complete heating system, ductwork and all, is functioning correctly.
  3. Trim the Trees – Before you cut your Christmas tree, be sure to show your landscaping some love. Remove any precariously hanging branches and prune back bushes and shrubs as they settle in to hibernate for the winter.
  4. Insulation – Drafty windows are not only annoying but can wreak havoc on a heating bill. Be sure all windows and doors are shut and locked tightly. Added insulation along these frames can also be beneficial as well. Be sure all exposed piping is wrapped and sealed to avoid rupturing.
  5. Clean-up Crew – there’s nothing quite like coming home to a spotless house. Especially if your home will be completely vacant over the winter months, be sure it is spotless before heading South. Perhaps schedule another cleaning a week prior to your return to freshen things up and have everything looking perfect for your arrival.

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September 04, 2019 02:25 PM

Fly in to Fabulous

One of things we love most about life at Palm Island Plantation is its optimal location to the great city of Vero Beach that offers fine dining, exciting activities, and more! Nestled along the beachfront of the Indian River, Palm Island Plantation offers not only some of the best beachfront views in the region, but some of the most prime real estate in relation to the dynamic downtown district and the Vero Beach Regional Airport, the area’s main transportation hub.

The Vero Beach Regional Airport is embedded deep within the history of the city itself, dating back to its first period of service in 1935. An ideal stop between Miami and Jacksonville, the airport was, and continues to be, a local hub for air traffic. Extending the terminal in the 1960s allowed the airport to accommodate more requests as various airlines utilized the Vero runway.

Today, you’ll find three fully operational runways that accommodate over 180,000 annual flights. The airport offers an elite facility that includes 24-hour security, free parking, and a series of on-site restaurants, cafes, and a brewery for your convenience.

The airport is committed to providing safe and efficient aviation facilities to a wide variety of passengers while operating in harmony with the area’s high-quality lifestyles. It does offer commercial airline services through Elite Airways, though many of our residents at Palm Island are equipped with their own aviation capacities and utilize the Vero Beach Regional Airport. Welcomed at the airport are both commercial and non-commercial aircrafts and the facility offers a variety of services including aircraft storage, flight planning, catering, car rental, charter services, and avionics repair and maintenance.

We’re so lucky to call Vero Beach home to Palm Island Plantation. We couldn’t imagine our community residing anywhere else. See for yourself what makes Palm Island the ultimate option for tropical living. Call to book a tour appointment today at 772.234.6500.

August 12, 2019 03:45 PM

It’s Time for Turtles

Vero Beach is a beautiful beachside oasis with a rich history and thriving wildlife. It is along the Indian River Coast that native sea turtles have been nesting for hundreds of years. Centuries later, female turtles return to the same beaches each summer to lay their eggs. We’re lucky enough to be nestled along these same sandy shores to witness this natural phenomenon.

Being so near to the Atlantic Ocean, there are a variety of turtles that call the Vero Beach region of the Florida coastline their home. Most common are Loggerhead turtles, which are named for their large, broad, and angular head. These turtles can weigh an average of 275 pounds with their shell measuring almost three feet long. Also common are the cousin Green Turtles, an even larger species with body fat of a greenish hue, Leatherback, and Hawksbill turtles. Each of these species have their own unique characteristics, diets, and behaviors but all can be found along the luscious Florida coast.

During the months between March and October, many female sea turtles make their way toward land. In the dark of night, they scale the beaches in search of the perfect spot to nest in the sand. In a dry area, the turtle then begins to burrow into the sand, creating a pit or chamber where she will lay her eggs. Once constructed and comfortable (she will flee back to the ocean if there is too much light or noise in the area) she will lay roughly 100 eggs in the sand, covering them up and camouflaging the nest as best she can. The eggs remain there for almost two months before the baby turtles emerge from the sand. Most often at night, the hatchlings band together and dig out of the nest with collective effort. Once on the open beach, they are pulled to the sea by the light of the horizon. Warding off predators and dehydration challenges the hatchlings. Should the turtles make it to the water, only one in 1,000 survive to adulthood.

This is one of the main reasons conservation sites and refugee areas like the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge to our north exist. These organizations not only protect the coasts from development and harmful human influences, but they also put together educational programs and trail walks to inform Florida visitors and residents alike about the tendencies of turtles. At Sebastian Inlet State Park, you can even take a specific Turtle Walk where you will have the opportunity to witness a female turtle lay her eggs (an instance that occurred on 38 of the 45 walks in 2018).

The Palm Island property is also only steps away from the Turtle Trail Beach Access along the Indian River. This secluded beach is open sunrise to sunset and offers a paved parking area, boardwalk access, and sneak peek into the breathtaking natural landscape that surround Palm Island Plantation. While some areas are more popular nesting grounds than others, female turtles up and down the east coast are searching for the perfect place to nest.

The sea turtle population is just one of the many natural beauties that grace the coastlines of Vero Beach. Make this lifestyle your own and head to