It’s starting to get to be that time of year again; when many people across the country start to stow away their summer fun activities, lock up lake houses, and settle in for a long, hard winter.

Whether you’re in the market for a permanent move to a tropical paradise or just looking to escape the dreary, gray slush that is winters in the north, Palm Island Plantation is the perfect luxury getaway destination that will instantly diminish the dread of winter.
Winter depression and seasonal affective disorder can be a reality for many people. The shorter days, the blistering cold, the inconvenience of snow and danger of ice are all negatives that you can do without in your life. The answer? The near perfect climate of Palm Island in Vero Beach, Florida.

Never again will you have to say goodbye to your favorite flip-flops or your signature swim suit: the sun is here year-round and it’s here to stay. Whether you want to hang around the our large heated, in-ground pool with full-service swim-up bar, head out to the elegant oceanfront beach club, or lounge around your private pool at your home, snow and sleet will be the farthest thing from your mind as you soak up some pure Florida sunshine.

The best parts about the warm weather? The wardrobe, the sunshine, and the leisure time. In Vero Beach, you can spend all day in your suit; there’s really no need to ever change. The sun is never in short supply, shining on 232 days a year on average. And when it comes to leisure, it’s entirely up to you! Go for a swim. Lounge around the lanai. Take a trip into town for some just-because shopping. Cook an easy five-ingredient lunch. Life at Palm Island is one of leisure. Oh and trust us, your friends and family will want to be soaking it all up right there will you, especially if they’re northerners.

The opportunities are endless when you purchase a home at Palm Island. Say sayonara to the snow and hello to endless relaxation and luxury.

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